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 [Must Read] CuniLimbus & Motivation

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PostSubject: [Must Read] CuniLimbus & Motivation   Wed 22 Mar - 9:21

Ok, we think we need to talk about the Motivation u should have to join CuniLimbus.

We're going to Limbus twice a week.
A Limbus run can last from 45 min to about 2 hours, 1hour and 15-30 min average. Each member usually gets between 2 and 4 Ancient beastcoins per run.
Limbus is also a good way to get fun, and our members come for that, to have fun with other members and with their friends.
That's why Limbus should be a priority (of course real life is way more important), or at least as important as Dynamis. Ppl are counting on you.

We all work together so that everyone can :
- have fun
- Kick some asses
- Get Ancient Beastcoins
- Get AF items
- Get Homam/Nashirah
- mpk kefk (edit by Kefk: u'll get more coins if u mpk Calta!)

That's a lot of things, and most ppl don't need all of these things, but at least fun should be a goal for everyone. By joining CuniLimbus you agree to help every members to get what they want.

What does that mean ? Some of these goals can be reached more easily without us. That's not a secret, everyone knows that you can get more Ancient beastcoins with 1-4 ppl than with 18 ppl (if your only looking for coins).

So, if you apply, you must understand you'll not get as many Ancient Beastcoins as you could get with a smaller group.

But on the other side, we clear all of the 12 main areas (Proto-Omega & Proto-Ultima too), so we aren't doing the same thing every time.
Also you'll have a chance to get AF1+1, which would be harder with a smaller group. Moreover it's almost impossible for such a small group to kill Proto-Omega and Ultima. Even if u don't need AF+1 or sets, u must understand that some members need your help to get theirs.

So, if you apply, be sure you understand what you should expect from our runs, and what the other members will expect from you

Thank you for reading this ^^
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[Must Read] CuniLimbus & Motivation
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